Important Information for Parents and PowerSchool


Please be advised that Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development announced that the following recommendations have been accepted in regards to PowerSchool:

1. Teachers are no longer required to publish all marks immediately in Powerschool.  They may choose to do so at one set time per month, with the specific timeline established within their school.  Teachers will continue to mark and provide feedback and assignments, on a regular basis.

2. Teachers are no longer required to publish marks for every outcome in PowerSchool.  They must continue to record marks for outcomes in some form so they have details available to support communications with parents and to inform their instruction.

3. High School teachers are no longer required to enter attendance into PowerSchool unitl the end of the day.  If attendance is not entered into PowerSchool until the end of they day, teachers need to have a paper copy to support safe evacuation in the event of fire or other emergency.